t.A.T.u The New Faces For Marc by Marc Jacobs

August 26, 2008 By: michelle Category: Diva Music Video

Some time ago I was thinking I will never hear something new about the t.A.T.u Russian band.

Well, this year was a good year for the two girls from t.A.T.u as they have released a new video and now they have become the new face of Marc by Marc Jacob in Russia.

I can’t wait for the ads campaign.

In the meanwhile listen to 220 the song t.A.T.u released this year.

tatu the marc by marc jacob new face

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2 Responses to “ t.A.T.u The New Faces For Marc by Marc Jacobs ”

  1. # 1 kisholovestory Says:

    i love

  2. # 2 John Doe Says:

    oh come on… marc jacobs can get A LOT BETTER than those russian amateurs… this is a disgrace…

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