Ali Lohan Is Ugly On Supermodels Magazine Cover

August 28, 2008 By: michelle Category: Magazine Cover

Who would have thought Ali Lohan will ever be compared with a supermodel. This is outrageous. All supermodels and models in the world please unite and do something so Supermodels magazine would never ever use Ali Lohan for one of their magazine covers.

I don’t even want to mention about the fact that the photo they used is super ugly. Yes it’s ugly!! The shadows on her face make her nose look lop-sided, or maybe that’s just her?

I don’t even know what could be more worse for this photo… to be a photoshoped masterpiece or just the real Ali Lohan.

ali lohan supermodel cover

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One Response to “ Ali Lohan Is Ugly On Supermodels Magazine Cover ”

  1. # 1 Taylor Says:

    oh my gosh don’t be so damn dramatic and mean she looks goregous… and calling her ugly just shows how big a fag you are and how mean you are!!!

    GROW UP!!!!

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