Sienna Miller Might Move In With Getty

September 01, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty want us to believe their relationship is serious, so they started to look for a house where they could move together.

But these two can’t rub their bodies in a simple and normal house they need a luxurious mansion something that costs $22 million.

They came in together, and were very touchy-feely. There was a lot of hand-holding. There is a saltwater infinity pool and an open-air shower. Sienna loved that

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2 Responses to “ Sienna Miller Might Move In With Getty ”

  1. # 1 karin ralph Says:

    mrs getty lives in a $1.5 million dollar home and getty needs a $12 to $22 million dollar house, tells me what i already knew, miller saw the getty name and money, she thought it was the easy way to get into the LA scene. i hope LA is not so easily forgiving and remembers the wife and 4 children who have been humiliated by getty and miller in a heartless and cruel way.

  2. # 2 Sarah Says:

    Absolutely agree with you Karin.

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