Marilyn Monroe Secret Files On Vanity Fair Octomber 2008

September 03, 2008 By: michelle Category: Magazine Cover

For their 25th anniversary Vanity Fair has put together a special issue with Marilyn Monroe on the cover. Seeing Marilyn on this special issue of Vanity Fair is like a kick in the ass for all those so called celebrities out there.

They didn’t choose you for their anniversary cover they choosed Marilyn, who’s been dead for more than 40 years now. Yes, she is more important to us all then you’ll ever be.

Marilyn Monroe vanity fair october 2008 cover

The magazine also presents the secret Marilyn files. In the video below, Writer Sam Kashner and photographer Mark Anderson talk about 586 unseen belongings that could bring out the truth about Marilyn’s death.

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5 Responses to “ Marilyn Monroe Secret Files On Vanity Fair Octomber 2008 ”

  1. # 1 Tanya Says:

    There has been thousands of stories done about “could bring the truth about Marilyn’s death”. No it won’t, it will just start a bunch of new conspiracy theories. It is great for its voyeuristic value, but I highly doubt anything that will “solve” her death will come to light. But I guess it’s a good selling point for a magazine.

  2. # 2 Brenn Says:

    This comes to show that Marilyn Monroe will go on forever, even after all of us are gone from the face of the earth. Who cares about Brangelina, Paris “Annoying” Hilton, No-Talent Britney, Go away Jessica and Ashley Simpson, Crack-Head Nicole Ritchie, Looser Lindsay Lohan, those stupid Olsen Twins, and all those NO talent trashy “stars” out there today….Marilyn Monroe will go ON, Marilyn Monroe will still be kicking ass millions of years from now!!.

  3. # 3 Snowblood Says:

    I spotted this new magazine at Target last night while buying bread pans, and although I rarely spend money on magazines – this one I defintely had to buy. I’ve been a very devoted Monroe fan since childhood. Every site I visit online, I’m Snowblood with a Marilyn avatar. I’ve got hundreds of MM photos to make new avvies with! I steal them off google images.

    So, I picked out a copy which was in perfect shape, later, at Whole Foods when I got groceries, ’cause this kind of thing is a save&collect magazine for me. No one, absolutely NO one rivals Marilyn Monroe, not then, and not now. Elizabeth Taylor is in the same illustrious company, but Taylor has different qualities than Monroe. Marilyn is truly peerless; there’s never been anyone like her and there never will be. She was a genius – to take a sentence from the VF article “Joshua Logan, who directed Monroe in the film version of William Inge’s “Bus Stop,” paid her the ultimate compliment when he compared the “dumb blonde” character she created to Chaplin’s Tramp, one of the great comic inventions of the 20th century.” ~ Oct. Vanity Fair, page 322 “The Things Left Behind.”

    The article is very interesting, by the way, it’s a great Vanity Fair issue. In addition to beautiful Marilyn there’s lots of other great articles – Dominick Dunne, Annie Leibovitz, Liz Taylor, a lot of stuff.

  4. # 4 LoveMM Says:

    The documents are authentic however the keepsakes, jewelry, purses and furs are FAKE. Vanity Fair, Sam Kashner, Mark Anderson and Millington Anderson have produced no proof that Marilyn Monroe ever owned any of these items.
    The Estate of Marilyn Monroe WILL NEVER back the so called personally owned items because they know the items are fake.

    The Vanity Fair article was written to sell magazines. For more info, please read:

  5. # 5 brian Says:

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