Lindsay Lohan Will Marry Samantha Ronson This Year

September 11, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

We all know already Lindsay Lohan has a love relationship with Samantha and that’s not shocking us anymore. Maybe there are some guys out there regretting Lindsay is a lesbian, but that’s her business after all.

The shocking news is that Samantha Ronson during a DJ performance at the Chateau Marmont announced that she and Lindsay will get married by the end of this year.

By the end of this year, my love will be Mrs Ronson. Tonight shows the power of a woman – to underestimate that is to underestimate the world.

lindsay lohan and samantha ronson laughing

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2 Responses to “ Lindsay Lohan Will Marry Samantha Ronson This Year ”

  1. # 1 Ambrish Says:

    … Samantha Ronson .. Gave .. Lindsay Lohan .. a $22.000 .. Diamond Ring …
    … great expression of one’s feelings … some times some words can not be spoken … they are said so silently .. so prettily .. with a ‘di-a-mond’ thingy …
    … Best Wishes .. and a great Luck to both of you .. wish .. if, could share that graet moment of happiness .. when they tie the nuptial knot .. I know it’s gonna be a gala party …

  2. # 2 Pearl Says:

    On this picture Lindsay looked so healthy and happy. I wish her the best and hope that she gets back to being the sweet girl we all know she is and hope that IF she is abusing drugs she gets the help she needs!

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