Lindsay Lohan Punches A Paparazzi

September 15, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Almost all the time we see Lindsay out without Samantha she is talking on her phone or texting messages. This time she was talking on her phone when she tripped over a metal barricade and felt.

Lilo thought she was tripped by one of the paparazzi so she got up and punched one of them in the nose.

Police was called at the punching scene but the paparazzi didn’t press any charges, yet. Below is a video from the event (thanks Justin)

Lindsay Lohan texting from her mobile phone

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  1. # 1 Stupid Famous People Says:

    We have some exclusive videos of this incident in NYC and we’ve posted them on youtube for everyone to enjoy — — check out Lindsay Lohan paparazzi punch, and also the Samantha Ronson’s mother video. They’re awesome! And feel free to embed them in any future posts if you’d like to share them with your readers. Cheers! ~Stupid Famous People~

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