Amy Winehouse Finally Realized She Is Ugly

September 16, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

There is one chance for Amy Winehouse to get well. Why I am saying that? Because Amy didn’t attended her own birthday party cause she finally realized she is ugly and she looks like a corpse.

According to the Sun Amy spent 3 hours in front of her home mirror and refused to go to her birthday party where there were people waiting for her. Her friend Remi Nicole did all she could to get her out but she refused.

This is a good sign. If she started to care about the way she looks maybe she would realize what made her look like that.

Amy Winehouse dirty skin

amy winehouse birthday cake

Amy was standing in front of the mirror telling everyone how rough she looked.
Unfortunately her lifestyle has had a major affect on her appearance and it’s only just started to sink in. She kept saying she was ugly and was in an awful state. They couldn’t get her out.

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