Megan Fox On GQ Magazine Cover

September 16, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Megan Fox is the sexy hot chick on the cover of GQ magazine. Inside the magazine she makes a daring statement that she hates Disney for making Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens apologize for their naked private photos that have been published on the internet.

Sex is something that everyone does, so why can’t I talk about it?

With any of the Miley Cyrus shit, or any of that Vanessa Hudgens shit—I would never issue an apology for my life and for who I am. It’s like, Oh, I’m sorry I took a naked, private picture that someone is an asshole and sold for money. I’m sorry if someone else is a dick. No. You shouldn’t have to apologize. Someone betrayed Vanessa, but no one’s angry at that person. She had to apologize. I hate Disney for making her do that. Fuck Disney.

megan fox gq october magazine cover

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