Jennifer Lopez Talks About Her Twins

September 17, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Seems like it’s celebrities talking about their babies time, and so is doing Jennifer Lopez. It’s almost a miracle she talks about her twins as in the past days she was too busy going to almost every fashion show and participating at the triathlon.

I wonder who’s staying with the twins and taking care of them if she is not there.
Anyway here is what she had to say about her kids.

There are moments with tremendous highs, and then there are moments you’re under the radar for a little bit – and you come back up. That’s just part of being an artist.You’ll have that record that hits, and you’ll have that record that won’t.

Nothing is as important as Marc and the kids, which takes a tremendous amount of pressure off work. When it’s only your work, if that’s not going well, then everything’s f***ed up. But as long as this (my family life) is going well, everything else will be okay.

jennifer lopez white dress during marc jacobs spring show

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