Jennifer Lopez Loves Her Curvy Body

September 18, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Jennifer Lopez wants to prove us she is different from all the other mothers at Hollywood. She said in a recent interview she’s fine with the extra pounds she gained after giving birth. In fact Jennifer lost some of that weight when she trained for the triathlon but she still has 10 more pounds.

It’s great to see her saying those things. But Jennifer always had that curvy body. She never was a skinny girl.

I don’t weigh myself a lot. I still have 10 pounds, or so. (But) I don’t have any problems with it. I never felt I had to get rid of it. We like to eat! I think you have to love yourself and indulge when you want to, as well as be happy and just have a healthy attitude towards it.
Marc loves the way I look!

jennifer lopez with her twins

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  1. # 1 Big jon Says:

    Why are we so caring about this not real people? How come we arnt looking into the real world? It’s great someone like jennifer lopez diplays the love for her family to the world,but why are we putting hollywood as the center of awearness? Help the homeless,lower the rent, feed the hungry, and stop the abuse.

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