Victoria Beckham Is The High Heels Stilettos Queen

October 06, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Victoria Beckham amaze us all once again by wearing and walking in very high heels stilettos. Couple of days ago she wore Antonio Berardi pvc boots that had no heels and now she is wearing very high heels.
I don’t know how’s the creator of these amazing shoes but I do love how Victoria is wearing them. She is definitely the one doing the impossible possible.

I thought about it since last week and those heelless boots and I start to believe she was paid to wear these shoes after all those models falling on the runway during fashion week.

victoria beckham orange dress and high heels stilettos 01

Anyway she is amazing and I love the shoes and the fact that she can wear them. I would tumble and broke my bones if I dare to put those on my feet.

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