Angelina Jolie Breastfeeding on W Magazine November 2008 Cover

October 09, 2008 By: michelle Category: Magazine Cover

Back in August we found out that Angelina Jolie will be on the November cover of W magazine. The shocking part about this photo is that Angelina is breastfeeding. The photo was indeed taken by Brad Pitt while their stay in France.

The magazine will be available for purchase on October 21st. Inside the magazine there will be more photos with Angelina and the kids, all the kids I hope (twins included).

angelina jolie breastfeeding w magazine november 2008 cover

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5 Responses to “ Angelina Jolie Breastfeeding on W Magazine November 2008 Cover ”

  1. # 1 MrG Says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing pictures of the twins.

    The kids, though, I could really take or leave.

  2. # 2 Angel Elf Says:

    Shocking? Beautiful is more like it.

  3. # 3 Amy G Says:

    Shocking? Seriously? Come on. I’ve seen more boob on the beach! I would like to see more of the baby in the pic though. We’ve all seen Angelina before. :)

  4. # 4 roballen Says:

    The most beautiful picture I’ve ever seen of her; I’d have known it was a home photo even if they didn’t say so because she looks like she loves the person she’s looking at. As far as the breastfeeding – why do people find that shocking? it’s the original and best use for breasts…

  5. # 5 boobieman Says:

    she’s doing breastfeeding porno

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