Lindsay Lohan Launch Of 6126 Leggings Collection

October 14, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Yesterday Lindsay Lohan was present at the Henri Bendel to promote her new 6126 collection of leggings. She looks kind of weird but it must be because of the hair. Apart from that she looks great, and she looks like having lost some weight in the last few months.

Lindsay was asked about the name of her new line of leggings the 6126 and she said:

I named the collection after Marilyn Monroe’s birth date, because to me she represents timeless, confident glam -¬ and that is the voice of this brand.

Lindsay Lohan Henri Bendels to promote her 6126 collection of legging

The rumors about Lindsay is that she has broken up with Samantha Ronson who’s not taking well all the media attention she is put to because of Lindsay being so famous.

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