Heidi Klum Got Milk?

October 20, 2008 By: michelle Category: Supermodel Diva

Heidi Klum, the well known supermodel is the last one to join the GOT MILK crew. She’s the new face of the Got Milk campaign.

The outfit Heidi Klum is wears is a reminder of the original Heidi Kramer outfit, except from the shoes. There’s no way I could imagine Heidi Kramer climbing the mountains wearing high heels.

Heidi Klum got milk ad campaigne

Here is the message from the poster:
Trick or treat? There’s no trick to it. The 9 essential nutrients in low fat or fat free milk make it the perfect after-treat treat for your whole family. So this Halloween, dress up your costume with a look that’s always in style. Wunderbar!

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