The Week In Photos With Victoria Beckham

October 20, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

In the last week Victoria Beckham spent most of her time promoting her new dVb clothing line. She was photographed together with husband David leaving the London Heathrow Airport, then arriving on the LAX airport. In the mean while Victoria did a trip to Madrid, Spain where she promote the dVb denim line.

The most discussed moment was when Victoria and her husband left the Sheekey seafood restaurant and not because they enjoy eating that kind of food but because of Victoria’s new Christian Louboutin shoes from Rodarte Fall/Winter 2008 collection.

Victoria and David Beckham Sheekey seafood restaurant

Victoria and David Beckham London Heathrow Airport Victoria Beckham arriving at LAX Airport Victoria Beckham launches dVb denim collection Victoria Beckham filming an ad for her dVb line

The last moment Victoria was caught on digital camera was while filming a new ad for her dVb line. So if in the past she was judged she is not spending time and she doesn’t give a damn about her denim line, here she is in the past week working hard to promote her business.

photos via celebutopia forum

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