Lindsay Lohan In Love With Chace Crawford?

October 21, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

This rumor won’t please Samantha Ronson at all because it’s been said that Lindsay is in love with Chace Crawford, the girl look alike actor from Gossip Girls.

Of course there must be a pal to sell the story to the magazines so this pal said Lindsay Lohan meet Chace at the Diesel xxx Rock party in New York and all night she couldn’t move away from him. She stood so close to the guy that her hips touched Chace’s hips.

I wonder between whose legs was this pal sitting to see all he mentions in his story?

Read below for his story.

lindsay lohan saks fifth avenue

Lindsay took a real shine to Chace and was pretty much throwing herself at him all night.
She was standing in such a way that some part of her body was always touching him – at one point hip to hip. She was also giving him the filthiest looks, whispering in his ear, and turning everything he said into an innuendo.

Everyone on the set of Gossip Girl has been teasing him mercilessly as Lindsay has been calling him three or four times a day and sending provocative text messages. Although she may just be having a laugh and not have any serious amorous intentions, everyone reckons Sam will go mad when she finds out.

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