Jessica Biel Does Marie Claire December 2008 Cover

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Jessica Biel is on Marie Claire December 2008 magazine cover. I do not like Jessica Biel since I first saw her in 7th Heaven.

Anyway that’s not important right now, because I do like how she looks on the cover and she talks about some interesting things in the interview she gave for the publication.

Below you can see the cover of Marie Claire December 2008 issue and some excerpts from the interview

jessica biel marie claire december 2008 magazine cover

On Posing for photographers

It’s taken a few years to feel comfortable doing that sort of stuff. Even now I still feel sort of ridiculous.

On music

I like all that fun music, lots of old-school stuff and yes, some Whitesnake. Absolutely.

On her recent interest in popular music

I was sick and tired of not knowing who people were talking about.

jessica biel marie claire december 2008 magazine

On becoming a movie star

I never thought to myself, “I’m going to do this musical, then I’m going to be a movie star” I never made that jump.
For a very long time I wasn’t thought of as anyone with any credibility in the film world. Everyone is tramping through the swamp everyday in this business.

On working in TV

I was really up tight, when you work on television for a long time you’re in a really organised situation; in film, it’s so much more improvisational and relaxed.

On being in the film ‘The Illusionist’

I was so thrilled to get that part, it was such a joy for me, oh it was great.

On asked how she feels about aging: her biggest fear in life

I don’t know – I better start figuring it out. I feel my knees changing – like, why do I have this pain when I’m running on the treadmill? What’s going on with my lower back when I wake up in the morning? I just feel changes

I’m definitely fearful in a very vain manner about aging. I think its freaky weird to look at a picture of your grandmother when she was a young woman then look at her now.

On plastic surgery

I’m really afraid of blades on my face. That freaks me out beyond belief. I would way rather have wrinkles than some slice up going on.

On her high profile status

It’s hard. The hardest part of this whole wonderful, bizarre lifestyle and profession. You have to be Zen about it, because it can make you crazy.

On Marriage and having kids

I kind of go back and fourth about marriage and kids. I feel like if it’s an organic way for me and the right time in my life then yeh. If it’s right, it’ll be right – but at this moment, that seems totally foreign.

I have so many friends having babies and getting married and they just want to put me where they are so we can go to nursery together and stuff. I’m like Noooo! I’m resisting.

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