Mischa Barton Weight Gain In The Last Two Years

November 03, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

When I first saw Mischa Barton in O.C. I like her because of her body. Marissa Cooper’s part in the TV series annoyed me a lot, but I kept on watching because Mischa had a killer body. She was young and fresh.

I don’t understand what happened to her in the last years. She gained a lot of weight and her acting career is kind of dead.

Is it me or her dog is kind of fat too?

mischa barton weight gain in the past two years

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13 Responses to “ Mischa Barton Weight Gain In The Last Two Years ”

  1. # 1 Louise Baines Says:

    you bastard. it’s people like you which make women starve themselves.
    she looks stunning and to be honest is still really skinny

  2. # 2 sherri Says:

    She is still thin and looks healthy. I would however suggest she finds a new stylist, her clothes lately have done nothing for her.

  3. # 3 bee Says:

    Does everybody in Hollywood has to be anorexia thin?
    She still has a killer body. When you look around while your sitting in the train, bus etc. still 90% of all girls is ‘fattier’ then Mischa. I love her, and I hate the latest fashion of being extremely skinny.
    Mischa shows that she looks better with a ‘normal’ (I bet she still has a size 2) figure then with a skinny figure.
    GO MISCHA!!! :)

  4. # 4 Sarah Says:

    She does not look like she gained a lot of weight. Are you stupid? She has on very light wash jeans that draw attention to the thighs and a dress where you can’t even see her thighs in the “skinny?” pic. To like someone just because they are skinny is sick. I bet you don’t get looked at twice by anyone of the opposite OR same sex. She’s gorgeous and you are a monster. Hide behind your laptop, jackass.

  5. # 5 Ali Says:

    She’s definitely gained weight, especially in her hips/thighs. It’s totally Karma, remember her comment a few years back about how she would despise being “curvy” like Rachel Bilson?

  6. # 6 aura Says:

    c’mon they are just saying she gained weight, they are not saying she is fat or that she looks ugly…

    what i find really upseting about her, is her marihuana habit in public, that is really shameful and a bad influence

  7. # 7 hahaha Says:

    ha ha ha! Why du you people care so much? She is pretty, but I come from Norway, and there is girls everywhere who is looking just as good as your glamourus dames in Hollywood.. And that`s true!

  8. # 8 Charlotte Says:

    She now looks like a size 5 to me, ’cause that’s what I am, and I’m of similar height. That’s just the 20’s…you can’t stay teen-skinny forever.

  9. # 9 sophie trask Says:

    You did gain a little weight but you still look stunning, im jealous mischa you are perfection, and if anyone says you look bad they are just jealous!! xxx sophie

  10. # 10 Lana Says:

    I personally think she looks much better now. I always thought she was too skinny, but now she looks better and more healthy.

  11. # 11 Habib Says:

    Broooooooooooo , in thaa hood yoo .
    i think that Misha looks hot still , to be honest.
    shes not fat at all ! Who ever thinks that is like yeah what ever
    but shes not fat ! its natural , geezz
    AAAHHAHHH !!!!!!

  12. # 12 rach Says:

    she suffered form anorexia u idiot, and she’s looking better now.it’s sooooo silly how ppl care about celebrities weight seriously care about urs

  13. # 13 Bodywork Says:

    I have an eating disorder and have done for the last 10 years (im 23) and I idealise people like mischa Barton and Nicole rishie, and most skinny super models. I hate to see people slagging off regular sized celebs, I am very underweight (so doctors tell me???) but I am trying to get though it and work on my problems, so it really angers me to read that people who don’t know shit to tell people that everyone should be a stick!!!
    People like you are the type that make people like refer to life theatering eating disorders!!!!
    What do you know about weight management!?!?!?!?

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