Angelina Jolie Continues To Be The Punk Kid With Tattoos

November 05, 2008 By: michelle Category: Magazine Cover

Angelina Jolie is on the cover of British Harper’s Bazaar December 2008 issue. I found the cover rather boring and the interview inside the magazine is quite interesting but I do believe people talk too much about Angie’s past and how she used to be.

I don’t walk around feeling I need to apologize or explain myself. I am still, at heart – and always will be – just a punk kid with tattoos.

Angelina Jolie British Harpers Bazaar December Cover 2008

Apart from that it’s interesting to know what kind of education Angie gives to her kids.

Listen, my kids play video games. I let them play with toy soldiers. We don’t take war and violence lightly, but we don’t hide it from anybody. We say, ‘Mommy and Daddy have movies where we play these characters, but there’s real death and violence in the world.

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