Be Aware! Pregnant Celebrities Overflow

November 06, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Here are two covers from In Touch and Star magazine that have all the rights in the world to sit next to each other. This is also funny as hell. I can’t stop laughing!

So here it is:
First, Angelina Jolie is pregnant again even if she just gave birth in July. In Touch report Angie is already two months pregnant and they put it there in the magazine as if a baby bump is now a must have for the Oscars.

She is very tired and emotional. She had thought it was post-partum depression, but then she told Brad, ‘Um, I think we’ve done it again.’ She wants a bump for the Oscars.

in touch magazine cover angelina jolie pregnantstar magazine jeniffer aniston pregnant

Now that we finish with Angie’s pregnancy we move forward to Star magazine that claims Jennifer Aniston is having twins!!

I wonder where are those twins hidden because Jennifer looks very slim and if there is a tiny bump it could be because she might have actually eaten something that day?!

This must be the end of the world. Jennifer is finally pregnant and having TWINS and Angie on the other hand pregnant again. I wonder if that is physically possible to get pregnant so quickly after giving birth.

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