Angelina Jolie On Madame Figaro December 2008 Cover

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Angelina Jolie is on the December cover of Madame Figaro. Inside the magazine she talks about her dream of rising her children and being there by their side. She talks about ending her career as an actress for having more time to spend with her kids.

Below you can see the cover of Madame Figaro with Angelina Jolie and some quotes from the article.

angelina jolie madame figaro december 2008 cover

Have you fulfill all your dreams?
I have only one left, the most beautiful: raise my children.
I want to be there when they have a nightmare at night to comfort their fears. My mother, who passed away, she was there all the time for me. It was my closest, my most loyal friend, we told each other everything, I miss her desperately.

What are the values you want to teach your children?
I want them to learn altruism. It took me a while to understand that I was not the center of the world. In Los Angeles, where I grew up, I had no sense of human misery, I couldn’t get out of my own ego. Now, I always place others before me. I also want them feel at ease everywhere as well as a Manhattan as Addis Ababa.

Will you marry Brad Pitt?
For us, this is not very important, our big family is already a union much stronger. But children are conformist, and it may be them to ask us to get married!

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