Paris Hilton Ended The Relationship With Benji Madden

November 24, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

I can’t take a break that Paris Hilton has to do something to keep me rolling. What did she do this time? Well she and her beau Benji have ended their love relationship.

I recall seeing Paris at David Letterman Show after the election and David Letterman asked her about Benji and she said she loves him and that everything is fine with them.

The one talking about their split is a contestant on Paris BFF show. Isn’t it weird to let a nobody talk about such private matters? Maybe in the end this is just to gain some more attention.

Paris Hilton wearing a pink dress

Vanessa Fontana the Paris BFF contestant:

Paris and Benji have split. I love Paris, and I just want her to be happy. I think that they’ll be better as friends.
No, nobody else is involved. Paris and Benji were loyal and faithful to each other. I was with Paris in Miami, and Stavros came over to our table, and the two of them talked for literally two minutes. It was a friendly conversation. They definitely did not hook up.

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One Response to “ Paris Hilton Ended The Relationship With Benji Madden ”

  1. # 1 angie Says:

    There must be a thousand really good pictures of Paris in this dress, why then do you always put up the one picture that is unflattering.

    So two adults broke up,it happens.
    If it’s not gonna work, better to break up BEFORE there’s a marriage and kids.

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