Jennifer Aniston Legs Versus Angelina Jolie Legs

December 12, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

The moment Angelina put her legs around Brad Pitt he divorced Jennifer Aniston, so we know who’s legs Brad Pitt loves the most.

Now is the time to say what YOU think about these diva’s legs.

Angelina choose to show her legs at the DVD release of Kung Fu Panda. Because there IS a competition between these two, Jennifer choose to show her legs at the premiere of her new movie Marley and Me.

It’s time for you to vote !!

Jennifer Aniston legs vs Angelina Jolie legs

Who Has The Killer Legs?

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16 Responses to “ Jennifer Aniston Legs Versus Angelina Jolie Legs ”

  1. # 1 LCJ Says:

    Angie powaaaaaaa!! Angie have the most beautiful legs!! Without any hesitation !! >.<

  2. # 2 Najam Says:


  3. # 3 Sheila Says:

    I tend to like Jen’s legs in these pics better than Angie’s. Angie’s legs are too skinny whereas Jen’s legs look more toned. BUT, I think Angie is still prettier.

  4. # 4 Lynn Says:

    It’s not even close. I’ll take all of Jennifer Aniston, legs included any day.

  5. # 5 dani Says:

    i think jens are much better she is sexyer better looking and a much nicer person luv her x ok ange is a good actress but so is jen xxxx lyl jen friends best tv show ever david schwimmer is the best xxxx ly both xxxx

  6. # 6 lolo Says:

    tean aniston forever she has a great body, angie looks like a stick with skinny legs

  7. # 7 Beavis Says:

    Maybe there should be a movie in which Jenifer Aniston AND Angelina Jolie star in. I a dream sequence the two of them, about the size of King Kong/Godzilla, fight over who gets a small man in the form of Brad Pitt. Winner wins Brad, loser goes home.

  8. # 8 lala :) Says:

    i loveee jennifer aniston, but i have nothing against angelina jolie.
    but her legs are too skinny, it’s true that jennifer has more toned and nice legs. and don’t forget, she’s OLDER than angelina jolie. so you can’t really compare them…even though jen’s legs are nicer :)
    but angelina is nice too. i just prefer jen, personal opinion ;)

  9. # 9 Big Dude Says:

    Jolie looks nasty most of the time

  10. # 10 Technlogy News Says:

    thanks for showing so beautiful legs thanks god for making this

  11. # 11 Linds Says:

    Jenifer Aniston looks great in Pantyhose. Her legs are usually toned and not too skinny. Angelina has lost a lot of weight- and not in a good way. If you recall the 1st half of ‘Friends’- they always had Aniston in Pantyhose to show of her great legs. There was a time when she lost a bit of weight and looked a little too boney – almost like angelina here. Angie looked great during ‘tomb raider’ and ‘foxfire’.

  12. # 12 annonymous Says:

    Why do some people say Jennifer Aniston has cankles. Her ankles look super thin to me

  13. # 13 Grace Says:

    Jennifer! I’d kill for those legs. They are toned but feminine whereas Angelina’s are way too skinny.

  14. # 14 Anoymouse Says:

    Jennifer Aniston has much nicer legs, and a kickin’ body in General. With Angie, it’s mostly the face. I’d say Jenn’s body with Angie’s face would outdo most women.

  15. # 15 natalie Says:

    jennifers legs look amazing toned and powerful!! angi looks like an old lady her skin and hair look awful does she have aids or something?

  16. # 16 Sam Says:

    Jennifer Aniston has the sexiest legs angie looks like Christian bale in the movie the machinist

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