Miley Cyrus Keep Your Tongue Inside Your Mouth When You Are Driving

December 12, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

There’s no day passing by not to read at least one article about car accidents and people dying because some car crushed into them.

Today I’m to find out Miley Cyrus got her driver’s license, with the condition that she can only drive a car if she is in the car with a 25 year old that already has a driver license human being.

Judging by the photo taken of Miley Cyrus and her mother I can only say that they made a big mistake giving her that lethal death weapon driver’s license.

How long until we get to see Miley Cyrus mug shots?

Miley Cyrus Driving With Her Mom

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One Response to “ Miley Cyrus Keep Your Tongue Inside Your Mouth When You Are Driving ”

  1. # 1 ashlee Says:

    To whom it seems wasn’t to concerned about their quality of journalism,

    Hi, all though this is the first article from your site I have ever stumbled across I couldn’t seem to shake the temptation to write you on the irony on this page. It seems that a couple of years ago Miley Cyrus received her permit to drive and decided to stick her tongue out while passing a photographer. Now it doesn’t go into details about where she was when the photo was snapped. She could of been at a red light, a stop sign or even parked in a parking lot. It leads on to believe that she is in fact driving at the time of the shot. I just can’t seem to let go of the fact that you rip into her as if she were committing and actual crime. The article then leads on to ask when will her mug shots be coming out?!?! Seriously? When after all of the appalling assumptions you have the balls to place an advertisement for Exotics Racing School right under the article!?!? I’m sorry I am pretty sure racing, I’m just going to assume as you do, even when legal is more dangerous than making a funny face. Again, I’m assuming that more deaths are caused by illegal racing which would more likely lead to mug shots than an open mouth pose. I’m also going to say that since both Miley and her mother were BOTH facing the camera more than likely they were stopped at the time of the photo. When you are taking a picture of a moving target, it would be hard to snap a photo at the exact time that said target was passing to achieve a perfect pose like that of Miley’s mother. I figure if you guys can assume so much from so little than my assumptions have to be honored since I actually at least try to explain my opinions. FYI if your going to be posting an official site with a pretty professional looking set up then try to match your materials to your product. Honestly I think y’all can do better than this, but there I go assuming again. Sorry. I have NEVER wrote anything on a site before like this, but I couldn’t hold my tongue, I guess that makes two of us :P

    25 y/o female, Houston, TX

    P.s. If you open your wallet I bet you would have the exact same “lethal death weapon” or even cleverer “license to kill”. Also, I’d expect, if you met somebody who actually has killed someone before in a car accident they wouldn’t find your witty weapon repertoire the least bit funny.

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