Sick People Use Cats As Live Bait For Sharks !!

January 23, 2009 By: michelle Category: Diva Flash News


The video contains shocking images with people that use helpless animals as live bait for sharks, blue marlin and tarpon. This has to be stopped. Please DO SOMETHING TO STOP this!!

The images were taken by an ex reporter that was specialized in sportive fishing, during one of his trips in Latin America.

save cats from sharks

Video below

These sick individuals are abusing cats and kittens for their own twisted amusement and calling it “sport”. We hope to create awareness of this horrible act and save cats’ and kittens’ lives by doing so.

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15 Responses to “ Sick People Use Cats As Live Bait For Sharks !! ”

  1. # 1 chad miller Says:

    id like to stick a hook through their jaw and throw them out to sea and let he sharks tear their ass up!! these people are useless and the world is better off without them!! they all need their heads blown off!!! SCREEW THEM!!!

  2. # 2 carol Says:

    That sick peice of shit! I hope these people are in jail for very long time!! I wish they would just make it a law you get as much jail time when hurting an animal as a person then I think people would’nt hurt animals as much! They can think and feel pain just like us they just cant express it like we can!!!

  3. # 3 Janeth Says:

    I dont like cats, but these people are really sick; i cant watch all the video, its just disgusting!! I hope that the people who do this things gets something worst…..

  4. # 4 yoli Says:

    the people who do this, are simple mads!! fuck them!! I wanna kill them!

  5. # 5 Serge Says:

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  6. # 6 sergeisanidiot Says:

    serge is a moron xD

  7. # 7 Amelia Says:

    this is so sick and wrong! I wish everyone who does this would accidentally fall in and the shark would eat them and the animal would get back to the boat and live. I HATE ANYONE WHO KILLS ANIMALS!!!!!

  8. # 8 Katherine Garrett Says:

    The people who do these kinds of terrible things will all be punished someday. I can only prey that they will be strung up as fish bait someday too. A punishment by way of example, that is what the world needs.

  9. # 9 lily Says:

    OMG, i dont like cats but that is very mean

  10. # 10 haha Says:

    hahahahahaha, that’s priceless.

  11. # 11 Jay. Says:

    People need to stop WHINING… I don’t think there is ANYTHING wrong with what they are doing. Cats are completely WORTHLESS and SHOULD be used for bait. I LOVED watching this video and I cannot wait to try this for myself! This is gonna be FUN so all you animal huggers can all SUCK MY D1CK!… Hooray for Cats. Keep fishin’ em!

  12. # 12 Martin Fis Says:

    Are you all stupid?. This is not a real scene! Do you see the hook going thru the skin of the cat? Do you see the shark eating the cat? can’t you see the thread tied around the cat’s body? putting a cat in a container of bait does not make the cat bait. All this film is bullshit

  13. # 13 Cat owner Says:

    Tbh, im 13 years old, I could not bring my self to watch the video as I own 3 cats there lovely animals who care about there owners just like dogs, thats my opinion. I am well educated so I can proudly say that I respect all life on the planet, Humans and Animals because if you didn’t already know Humans are animals thats what Science classes us as animals. Does’t that mean were all equal. So if you kill an animal in my eyes thats just the same as MURDERING a Human. Obviously the people who say they argree with this or want to try it are either Uneducated or just Attension seekers, Im going to go with both? And just incased you havent guessed already I do not agree with this and I think its sick how someone can watch another being die and not do anything about it.

  14. # 14 Emily Says:

    I cant believ what i have just watched on that video ! i have actually just cried ! The Sick F***s what do that to aniamls need feeding to a shark there self or putting down in the worse from possible ! To baby animnals though are you joking ! you wouldnt do that to a human kid so why to an animal ! if i ever saw someone abusing animals in would kick the shit out of them! weather there big fats or stronger all my strenght would go into the power of knockin them the fuck out ! and like some has already said for killing an animalyou should still get a very bad jail sentence because your still taking a life! OMG i am absolutly sickened that poeple do this to kittens !

  15. # 15 Brandon Says:

    I think this is a great way to deal with the cat overpopulation problem. Shelters could sell their cats as bait rather than euthanizing them which would help decrease the cat population and raise much needed funds for the shelter.

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