Kate Hudson Does InStyle UK March 2009 Magazine Cover

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We have seen Kate Hudson naked on InStyle magazine cover this month and here she is again.
This time Kate Hudson is on InStyle Uk March 2009 magazine cover with her clothes on.

Kate Hudson is promoting her new movie Brides War, but the main subject of InStyle interview is about her and her friend, designer Stella McCartney.

Below you’ll find the magazine cover and two photos with Kate Hudson from the editorial, also some quotes from the interview.

Kate Hudson InStyle Uk March 2009 magazine cover

On her new film Bride Wars

My favourite part about the film was the importance of friendship – that’s really what the movie is about. It was hard to get that into the script because you’re telling a story about two women who are sabotaging each other’s wedding. With all of the pettiness that’s involved, it was so fun to see this movie because it’s a nice reminder that no matter how far you take it with your friends, whether you’re fighting with them or you hate them for two months, you just really need them, because they’re the ones who teach you the most about yourself.

Kate Hudson InStyle Uk 2009 March 01

Kate on Stella’s clothes

Stella makes clothes that are easy to wear. I find that of all the clothes I have in my closet, when I’m hurrying and want to just look nice and put something on, they are Stella’s

Kate Hudson InStyle Uk 2009 March 02

Stella on Kate’s style

Kate comes across as an effortless dresser, I have to say. I’ve seen you get dressed super-duper quick and, yeah, you do just pull things out of the closet in a flash and look amazing. Then I’ve seen you get ready in a more red-carpet kind of way where things are carefully planned out. You’re a real grown-up in that respect. I’m just so not like that. But you make stuff look good too.

Kate on her own style

Sometimes I feel a bit schizophrenic, like I have no idea! When I’m going somewhere and I’m tired and not thinking about it at all, what I end up wearing is what I would say my style is. I like things that are comfortable and flowy – and lots of jewellery

Kate on her mum getting rid of her old seventies clothes

I got so upset when I learnt she threw them out. I want them! She wore the most amazing clothes in the Eighties too. She had so much Azzedine Alaïa. And the shoes! I’d walk into her closet and she’d have every colour of pumps imaginable. I remember my favourites were magenta and turquoise.

Kate on being a single mum

Being a single parent can be difficult, but I don’t feel I am one. Chris and I are co-parenting and travelling is where it gets difficult. Chris is on the road and I’ve had a busy last year, so I am going to take a break in 2009. I want to soak in every little part of who Ryder is.

Stella on being a working mum

It can be insane. Every second you have when you’re not with the kids is spent filling in all the work stuff and you never get to exercise or relax or sit down. I’m married, so I’ve got the responsibility of being a wife on top of that.

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