See What Chris Brown Did To Rihanna

February 20, 2009 By: michelle Category: Diva Flash News

Tmz has published the photo that everyone wanted to see, Rihanna’s face after her horrific beating. There’s nothing beautiful to see, it’s sad in many ways. The fact that Rihanna is a public figure and she is famous should be a sign that domestic violence could happen to everyone.

There are some rumors saying Chris Brown, the one that attacked Rihanna, is investigated for attempt of murder.

I hope he will pay with some years spent in jail for his act. And I do hope his future trial to be an example for all of those out there that treat their partners with violence instead of love.

Rihanna The Face of a Battered Woman

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3 Responses to “ See What Chris Brown Did To Rihanna ”

  1. # 1 kshitij Says:

    Nice post………….but is this real?

  2. # 2 Maria leah Says:

    Well…i dont know if will believe this photo…that this is Rihanna…i hope this is not real.I been watching TMZ here and it seems a very credible show.Its saddened to hear this kind of rumor and see this kind of pic…they just got a show here in our country..and i really cant believe that their relationship will end this way.

  3. # 3 ERika Says:

    dayam!!!! if chris brown really did beat the shit out of her he is no man but a retard! no matter what had happened he didn’t have to hit a girl . i think he was probably on drugs or wasted because to do something like this even if she’s a crazy jealous bitch you don’t hit her you leave her he’s cute and now he fuck it for himself .

    and even if the picture is not real he still hit her.

    and if she gave him herpes,aids or whatever thats still super fucked up but then again he should have used protection he should trust no girl looks are deceiving and only because there pretty doesn’t mean they don’t have a dirty pussy

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