Lady Gaga Wants Her Own Fashion Line

February 24, 2009 By: michelle Category: Fashion For Divas

Lady Gaga is well known for her eccentric and futuristic look, the big sunglasses, the walking around almost naked in the middle of winter on the streets of London.

I have no idea who would dare to dress like her, but Lady Gaga has a dream, to create her own fashion line and maybe simplify the outfits so people could actually were them.

Lady Gaga wearing a pink latex dress

I’d love to have my own line, I don’t think I’d do it under Lady Gaga. I’d do it under something else.
I have these amazing fashion outfits, but they’re very intricate or very graphic, and very uncomfortable sometimes, depending on what train wreck of an idea I’ve got in my head.
But I might change those ideas into reality for a fashion line – and make them easier to wear than my outfits.

via ONDT

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2 Responses to “ Lady Gaga Wants Her Own Fashion Line ”

  1. # 1 gaston Says:

    i hate the handbag

  2. # 2 marjorie inocencio Says:

    eeeeew !!!! what a fucking picture of lady gaga !!! she’s so flirty !!!

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