Katy Perry In No Magazine #4

March 04, 2009 By: michelle Category: Magazine Cover

Katy Perry is featured in No Magazine #4. All photographs were taken by Lionel Deluy.

Inside the magazine Katy talks about her songs and her album One of the Boys and she discuss some aspects from her life.

You know, I came from a very kinda pseudo strict household. Both my parents are still to this day travelling ministers, and I wasn’t allowed to listen to a whole lot of music growing up. I wasn’t really involved in a lot of pop culture… you know, like a lot of people have a lot of pop culture references from the ‘90s, but I’m completely clueless. [..] I left home when I was 17 years old, moved to Los Angeles and just like started changing and growing.

Katy Perry for No Magazine magazine cover

Katy Perry for No Magazine 01 Katy Perry for No Magazine 02 Katy Perry for No Magazine 03

Scans by: IMC Artist @ IMC Magazine Web

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