Lindsay Lohan Eats Yogurt And Sells Apartment

March 05, 2009 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Yes the body in the photo belongs to Lindsay Lohan, and yes she is preparing to eat some yogurt!

What a news isn’t it? Well, know that we know for sure that Lilo’s pumping something else in her system apart from Red Bull and cigarettes we can move on to an interesting news saying Lindsay’s apartment is on sale.

If you didn’t knew Lindsay has an apartment in Manhattan and she wants to sale it for $1.2 million. There is even a $200,000 discount if you buy it now. Ha ha ha!!

With this world crisis who is going to buy her apartment and why did she put it on sale in the first place? Is Lindsay in desperate need of money?

Lindsay Lohan at Yogurtland 01

Lindsay Lohan at Yogurtland 02 Lindsay Lohan at Yogurtland 03 Lindsay Lohan at Yogurtland 04

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