Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Care About People With Handicap

March 10, 2009 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

In case you didn’t knew Miley Cyrus has a driver license and she is driving her car once in a while. Yesterday for example Miley made a stop at the Millions of Milkshakes. She was accompanied by Justin Gaston.

No problem with that except the fact that Miley parked her car in a handicap space. This is lack of respect and this spoiled girl should reconsider her priorities in life.

I bet she has no idea about people with handicap and how hard it must be for them to live. But when you have it all as Miley does why give a shit about people with special needs?

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4 Responses to “ Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Care About People With Handicap ”

  1. # 1 ADINA Says:

    why does everybody pick on this poor girl
    you internet people need to get a life. miley is a young girl and i’m quite sure you blogging people are adults. you guys make adults look bad.

  2. # 2 selenita Says:

    Miley can be everything but not poor. She did made a mistake by parking there. She should apologize!

  3. # 3 nicole Says:

    “ADINA” people can be unfair to Miley but you MUST see what Miley did wrong in this situation (if It’s true) , correct ? She ignored the fact the parking spot was for people with disabilities and used it anyway , it was a selfish action . Miley’s at the age where she should be taking responsiblity for herself and her actions and yet she isn’t . I’m younger than her by two years and I can see the problem with her actions , why can’t she ?

  4. # 4 cristianna Says:

    ahaaha ummm soooo mistake DUHHHH like youve never dine something wrong

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