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March 19, 2009 By: michelle Category: Magazine Cover

I’ve never said anything about Jade Goody, the British ex big brother contestant because of her illness, cervical cancer. I don’t like to talk about people dying and I think people need their privacy in such critical moments.

Even so I’ve understood Jade behavior and all the choices she has made, as she wanted to make as much money possible for her two sons, as she won’t be there next to them to see them growing.
But two days ago I’ve seen the Ok magazine cover, Jade Goody’s Official Tribute Issue 1981-2009… In Loving Memory, and this upset me as it upset a lot of people. It’s not moral and ethical to publish such a magazine cover when the person is not dead yet.

Jade Goody Official Tribute Issue 1981-2009 In Loving Memory

Anyway Ok magazine defend themselves by saying the following:

Her family have spoken to OK! today to reiterate that they understand the tribute issue and view it as being very kind to Jade. They would like to also state that they are extremely grateful for the support that OK! has provided during this distressing period.
We have to consider whether it’s possible given that the complaints are from people we believe are unconnected to Jade Goody.

Of course people that are not connected to Jade are upset because for us this is not a normal and usual thing to do. But we do understand that Jade sold this cover for a lot of money and this is not going to upset any member of her family as this was her wish.

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