Mischa Barton Words Of Wisdom About Marriage

March 25, 2009 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

I’m not a huge fan of marriage. It puts too much pressure on the relationship. People try harder until they’re married and then you see a lot of relationships fall apart because it’s the last step. There’s nothing left. Whoever is going to be the father of my children I’ll probably inevitably marry – but that’s not on the cards any time soon.

Mischa Barton has some words of wisdom about marriage and kids. She broke up with her boyfriend a while back and now she offers us her opinion on marriage.

Why would someone talk about marriage if has no plan and doesn’t even wish to get married.
And why does she have to get married if she will have kids? People thinking exactly like her end up getting divorce.

Mischa Barton leaving Jukari 20 march

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