Lindsay Lohan Crying After Her Love Samantha

April 06, 2009 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Here are two videos with Lindsay Lohan going to McDonalds to buy some food. The paparazzi followed her there and as you can see Lilo wasn’t that pleased about it.

The rumors about Samantha break up with Lindsay are all over the place and news are coming in.

Lindsay Lohan Arriving At Maxfield In Los Angeles

First it’s being said that Samantha changed the locks on her door so Lilo would never bother her again. Second, Sam’s sister Charlotte is pissed at Lindsay about calling her fat and together with her mom Ann Dexter-Jones she plans on gaining a restraining order agains Lindsay. And third all those drug rumors, those are the only thing that should matter in this sad and pathetic love story.

Lindsay on twitter to Sam:
look, im doing this publicly because u+ur friends call people win, you broke my heart. now go away. i loved you
ask ur sister 2 stop yelling profanity plz; stop doing drugs. and tell charlotte to do more-she could loose a stone or 10

Charlotte and Ann about Lindsay:
The restraining order is the best option. If she violates it, then she gets taken away.

Ann (Sam mother) about Lindsay:
[Lindsay] was doing drugs,” added Ann. “And we could not sleep that night at the Chateau. She was complaining about the music and noise coming from upstairs. She was trying to get attention, so that Sam could come down.
She cuts herself too. She is a cutter!

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  1. # 1 Lyn Says:

    Tragic. If these two innocent wide-eyed kids can’t make it then what hope is there for the rest of us?

  2. # 2 Lindsay Lohan Her Side Of The Story US Weekly Magazine Cover | Superficial Diva Says:

    […] Lindsay Lohan made it to US Weekly magazine cover with her side of the story about breaking up with Samantha Ronson. Apparently Lindsay has learned something from her mother Dina, as she is denying everything that happened on April 3. […]

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