Britney Spears Anti-drug Crusader

April 09, 2009 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Britney Spears had a concert in Vancouver this week and apparently the diva put the concert on hold just after lip singing three songs. The reason she did that was because there was too much smoke in the arena.

We know Britney is a smoker herself but the problem wasn’t the cigarette smoke, was the smoke created by those that smoked weed.

It seems Britney didn’t wanted to have any trouble with her drug tests regarding her children custody and being in a place where it’s a lot of weed smoke she could have inhale that and the test would have said she is on drugs now. That’s a smart move I might say.

Britney Spears performs on the Circus Tour

After 20 minutes of break Britney got back on stage and at the end of the show she said to the audience Thanks Vancouver. You were wonderful. Drive safe. Don’t smoke weed! (via)

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2 Responses to “ Britney Spears Anti-drug Crusader ”

  1. # 1 Tasha Says:

    Of all the things that Britney has done in her life I must say this is one decision that she has my 100% support. Not only did she save herself, she also helped to save tons of other innocent spectators from inhaling weed.
    If more artists took her position, there would not be so many drug addicts in the world. Best wishes and thank you Britney from Mountainside Treatment Center

  2. # 2 Nicole Richie Is A Britney Spears Fan | Superficial Diva Says:

    […] was one of those 50,000 fans attending Britney’s concert. I hope this time Britney’s fans didn’t smoke to much weed as Nicole Richie is pregnant and that wouldn’t be ok for her baby. Friday night I went to the […]

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