Lindsay Lohan Her Side Of The Story US Weekly Magazine Cover

April 09, 2009 By: michelle Category: Magazine Cover

Lindsay Lohan made it to US Weekly magazine cover with her side of the story about breaking up with Samantha Ronson. Apparently Lindsay has learned something from her mother Dina, as she is denying everything that happened on April 3.

So as Lindsay says someone hacked her twitter account and posted there all those nasty comments. Someone got the room above she was staying on purpose and apparently there is someone out there that wants to see Lindsay and Samantha apart. I start to believe Lindsay is a Gossip Girl fan and she probably thinks she lives in a movie or something.

Lindsay Lohan US Weekly April 2009 magazine cover

Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan shopping 01 Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan shopping 02 Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan shopping 03 Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan shopping 04

None of this garbage is true. I was there for three days before they even came to the hotel — in my room. They’re banging on my room above — it’s like they got that room on purpose. Someone hacked into my Twitter page and had fake conversations. The only person who knows my password was at the party. Someone obviously doesn’t want us together. I can’t catch a break; they had to embarrass me. And then I got prank calls to my room saying Samantha’s cheating on me, that’s why she was in the bathroom… And I know this isn’t true. (via)

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