Emma Watson Kissing Jay Barrymore

April 22, 2009 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Emma Watson is known for her role as Hermione Granger, in the Harry Potter series. The reason why I like Emma is because of her lady like kind of being. She is young but she manages to keep her life as private as she can.

You never hear her talk about her love like or her partner Jay Barrymore. The candids below came as a surprise as people were talking that Emma and Jay have broken up a while back, and according to the kiss they share I would say their relationship is still going on.

Emma Watson with Jay Barrymore on Harry Potter set 01

Emma Watson with Jay Barrymore on Harry Potter set 02 Emma Watson with Jay Barrymore on Harry Potter set 03 Emma Watson with Jay Barrymore on Harry Potter set 04

Emma Watson with Jay Barrymore on Harry Potter set 05 Emma Watson with Jay Barrymore on Harry Potter set 06

Couple of days ago Emma celebrated her 19 birthday and here is what she wrote on her blog:

It looks like my birthday has snuck up on me. I sooo don’t want to be 19. I can’t believe how much has happened.
So just a quiet one this year. As you know everything is so busy with my filming schedule. I’m really looking forward to a home-cooked dinner with my family.

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57 Responses to “ Emma Watson Kissing Jay Barrymore ”

  1. # 1 Big Sep Says:

    He’s a pretty tall bloke but I still say “run him outta there!” He’s too old for her at this stage. He has nine years of adult experience to her one year of adulthood since last April. He may be trying to take advantage of her innocence.

  2. # 2 Emmafan Says:

    he aint too old for her! he is only seven years older than her! if your going to start saying he’s too old for her you mise well say that justin gaston is too old for miley cyrus! at least emma is 19 he can’t get in trouble!i think they look cute together!

  3. # 3 ralph Says:

    kurwa ma? !! My life is senseless now….

  4. # 4 The drunner Says:

    This guy is really ugly and old for beautiful emma :-((((((()

  5. # 5 krizzy Says:

    yeah! he’s too ugly for her…they don’t even look good together..hehe

  6. # 6 stella Says:

    emma has really a bad taste when it comes to selectig her boyfriend.He is really looking ugly.

  7. # 7 Matt King Says:

    Yes i agree completely i think he is too old for her and i think that they shouldn’t of moved in together. She’s just going to get her beautiful heart broken.

  8. # 8 Jane Says:

    Lucky him…
    unlucky her lol she can do better

  9. # 9 glow Says:

    you’re all superficial, shallow twats. who cares what he looks like or if he’s 7 years her senior, so long as she’s happy?

  10. # 10 leena Says:

    nooooo way, i mean i really hate it when people date older people. espically by 3 years older!! its wrong, and stupid. and emma is a rich, beautiful,talented actress and he is just using her. i dont know why she cant see it, but usually most people don’t see it until their older partner is all like “i think we’re ready for sex”, she gonna/is being used and its wrong and sad!
    her ‘rents should make them break-up and talk to her about this, adn they really shouldnt have agreed to having a 19-yr-old dating a 27-yr-old. its wrong.

    PLEASE EMMA COME TO YOUR SENSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i really do beg her too, break up and date some one her own age or a yr above her, no more then 2-3 yrs!!
    besides, we all know guys are horny-money-luving-sex-obbsessed-jackasses.
    she needs her common sense back! and i think if she was 11-13 again she would see whats wrong with this!!

  11. # 11 Tha Boss Says:

    Wow …it looks like shes holding hands with her dad or something…

    Lol people on here saying hes just using her – you cant make that assesment unless you know them personally but they obviously look and sound really weird together…26 and 19 ? Ugly old man and beautiful rich young and intelligent girl ? …i guess opposites do attract but we’ll see if they last.

  12. # 12 Demon Says:

    Is dis d best she cld get?
    Its like she’s kissing her uncle.
    Thr r billions of teenage boys in d world, Dono y she’s wit an uncle???
    It should feel Sooooo insect to kiss a guy like dat

  13. # 13 Jay Barrymore Asks Emma Watson To Marry Him? | Superficial Diva Says:

    […] to Star magazine, Jay Barrymore, yes that ugly old guy Emma Watson is dating has asked her to marry him because he’s afraid he […]

  14. # 14 nicole Says:

    I cannot believe how idotic some peoples comments are , not everyone falls in love with someone their own age – it doesn’t work like that . Emma is a very intelligent girl ( she got all A’s in her GCSE’s ) , she’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself , I’m sure if her boyfriend was using her she would know . The fact someone of you think him being “ugly” makes him unworthy of Emma’s affections sickens me , I for one would much rather see her with an “ugly” boyfriend who loves and wants whats best for her rather than a greek God who treats her like crap . If your holding out for some gorgeous boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife who’s your age believe me – you’ll have a sad life waiting . Seriously people – stop being so damn shallow .

  15. # 15 Mel Says:

    Is Emma not afraid her sons can look like Jay Barrymore? Or even worse, her daughters might have his face or balding head…

  16. # 16 Mike Says:

    I reckon Jay is too old for the beautiful emma. I mean cmon……26 and 19?

  17. # 17 Mike Says:

    Let me ‘rephrase’ that then.
    Usually the boy is older but 7 years older? i dont reckon so. I think she might be better with radcliff

  18. # 18 Lefteris Says:

    Actually the boy must be 1 to 4 year older than the girl , or younger if the girls accepts it .. hehe . But in this case ema looks like a 16-17 year girl and the guy like 31-32 years….

  19. # 19 Lefteris Says:

    And nicole i am greek so .. he he

  20. # 20 Therecruit Says:

    I’m therecruit and I’m part Greek! I’m also part Scottish, Irish, english and maybe Spanish.
    I hope she dumps him like he’s never been humped before! I mean, have you seem that picture of them on the beach in Cuba???!!! He’s balding and fat and ugly, she looks like a sea goddess come down from the heavens!!! 27 & 19!!!!! That guy is perverted!!! He’s using her!!! Hes in it for the cash and the sex. Pervert!!!! She should date someone her age or younger than her. Reletionships with a younger man usually work out better! I no some1 who has a husband 9 years younger than her and they are a very happy couple! Please emma, dump him. I’m a member of ewo! Please post it on the ems page if you have dumped him! I’m called therecruit on there as well, so anyone who has posted a comment or read this page who is also a member, look out for me and tell me your member names! DUMP HIM!!!!!!!!!!

  21. # 21 DanEmma Says:

    Emma shouldn’t choose him to be her boyfriend! He is ugly, old, jerk, and not make a great couple with Emma! Emma should choose Daniel to be her boyfriend! I HATE JAY BARRYMORE!!!!

  22. # 22 Adeline Says:

    It is not wrong to date old people. It’s personal choice and if you fall in love with someone older it isn’t blinking WRONG. What counts is the emotions. Don’t push your opinions onto everyone else.

    Yeah, Emma’s gorgeous and it’d make us all happier if her bf were easier on the eyes. But you don’t pick boyfriends, or girlfriends for that matter, based on looks. If you do I’d suggest you do some serious contemplation.

    Stop judging.

  23. # 23 J-money Says:

    there is no point in living anymore

  24. # 24 La Says:


    I completely agree with you. Unfortunately these message boards don’t generally attract the brightest of people. The old adage is true “love is blind.” Sometimes love is blind for a good reason. He might have a wonderful heart or a sharp and cunning intellect. Just because he is not what we would want or expect for her doesn’t mean that they might not be a perfect fit.

  25. # 25 Sanboy Says:

    @ J-money

    May I know why there is no point in living anymore? Did your heart break or something?

    Anyway, folks, I feel it’s too early to make a judgement about Jay Barrymore. And the recent pics of him with Em at the Brown University have frightened me. They’re getting too close for comfort. Whatever, our dear angel in question hasn’t directly spoken out about Jay.. We just gotto wait n’ watch.

    San [Follow me on twitter @Sanboy]

  26. # 26 LorettaaineDurc Says:

    I think the guy is ugly.. But who cares Emma Watson is smart enough to choose for herself, you guys leave off her.. I mean seriously

  27. # 27 Probe Says:

    Alright i’ve read everybody’s opinion and i’ve seen the good and the bad in everybody’s. Lets be honest here most people don’t date people 8 years older than them but i would know that it does happen given that my father was an international basketball star at age 28 and he dated my mother when she was age 19 so there’s a 9 year difference. on the flip side none of us would be saying anything if Jay were the famous person and Emma were the clown. I don’t like this relationship not because i’m jealous or that i think he is using her but because i don’t think she should be dating some1 that much older while going to an American college and is trying to hang out with people her own age. Her new friends will most likely have nothing in common with him and that will raise a barrier between her and her friends. I think also a reason for why shes dating some1 that looks like Jay is because a lot of artsy people (which she has been around her whole life) are really skinny and less attractive than most like Jay. I think she’s just going thru a phase. She will not be with him this time next year. she’ll be single and free to do what she likes in college and have a blast… now that was me being fair cuz i actually think he’s ugly and she shouldnt be with him just because hes ugly lol

  28. # 28 Great Fan Says:

    I think Emma is choosing a gud bf though.Well,he is kind of handsome too,i mean Jay is resemblance to Prince William and also Tom Felton(which she had a crush before).But at the same tym,didnt she realise that he is too old for her??

  29. # 29 Eera Says:

    I reckon emma chose a gud one too.well,hes kind of handsome though. I mean he looks like prince William and Tom Felton (which she had a crush before). But at the same time, didnt she realise that he is way too old for her??

  30. # 30 Eera Says:

    I hope she will break up with him and go out wit Rupert.that’ll look cute.i love them being together.i guess Rupert loves Emma.:-P

  31. # 31 killah man Says:

    finally some people agree with me i too hate jay barrymore he is gonna spoil her life she needs a guy who actually loves her and isnt using her stupid old bald ass i swear gonna kill huim if i see him

  32. # 32 missStrange Says:

    she’s still young and free to choose. she’ll find a better one someday.

  33. # 33 kunal Says:

    my life is pointless now…but i m sure emma will not be happy with that grandpa lookin man :D

  34. # 34 the joker Says:

    i agree that jay isn’t fine, but emma s*** more…i dunno what the hell are u guys doing in this f**** dicussion…

  35. # 35 Emmasfan Says:

    jay is real ugly, i dont know why emma is going out with him. if u adk me she should go out with someone sensible and her own age. at least at brown university he wont be there so maybe she’ll come round to her senses. but what the hell is beautiful emma doing with an ugly old ass like him? its just weird.
    emma is like a greek goddess and jay is like a hobo. they simply arent fit for eachother. i mean emma is smart, beautiful, and sensible, so why is she with a jay????

  36. # 36 gabrielle fear Says:

    Hé emma ! Est-ce que tu aime ton nouveau collège de Brown ?
    à en entendre parler, j’espère que les antis vont te faire vivre
    un vrai enfer. ça te fait de la publicité gratuit et en plus ça diverti.
    Hé les filles ou les gars vous devez écrire sur la case à emma watson : Va t-en ! tu n’est pas le bienvenue. Retourne chez toi.
    Avec une tête de mort. Comme ça, elle va peut-être comprendre le message.

  37. # 37 AN&EM Says:

    What the hell….even i am more appropriate than this oldie for emma

  38. # 38 B Says:

    Just thought I’d let you all know Jay was born in March, 1984. So, he is 25.
    Emma seems like a smart woman, Jay is no stunner but perhaps he is her intellectual equal! That’s what counts! There is nothing more boring than a hunky brainless twit!

  39. # 39 VioletSapphire Says:

    My ideal is forever TomFelton+EmmaWatson…. DraMione…. They really look very good together… Actually I was very relieved that Emma admitted she had a big crush on Tom before… And Tom seems to be very close to her…. So I guess they stand a big chance to be together… Anyway we should respect to what decision Emma has made…. I wish the best for her… But I won’t change my opinion about Tom suits her the best…. No offense…

  40. # 40 Redtomato Says:

    I think people who complain about other people’s outward appearance should see their own face and body in the mirror first.
    I’ve noticed that people who’re unhappy about themselves usually put too much emphasis on how they or the other people’s look and not making effort to be intelligent,creative or warm-hearted.

    Better stop nagging or worrying about Emma’s BF, it’s like announcing the world that YOU ARE UGLY.

  41. # 41 Theunkown Says:

    Wow guys, I’m a boy and yes I do think he’s too old for her, but so what?
    All these comments are formed out of jealousy, I’m only 14 and I would love just to hug her,
    But what can we do, none of you guys even know jay barrymore, I’m not saying I do but
    Its just shallow of all of you to act up jealous!

    If anyone want to argue with me, heres a brick wall complain to it…

  42. # 42 Deepak kumar yadav Says:

    hi ……… my name is deepak kumar yadav form the india 984. So, he is 25.
    Emma seems like a smart woman, Jay is no stunner but perhaps he is her intellectual equal

  43. # 43 kavish Says:

    Emma is very gorges , while her hubby jay is not so much stunning .there are many handsome boys waiting for Emma including me.i cant understand how Emma choose the boyfriend like jay . i think Emma should come to India once ,and then she will known what handsome boys meant….with intelligence.

  44. # 44 harsh Says:

    emma is beautiful
    but her boyfriend……………!!!
    i can’t understand why they in love???

  45. # 45 shubham damodare Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzz emma kiss meeeeeeeeeeee.

  46. # 46 jingelbells Says:

    i cant believe that in her young age, she had lived in with his boyfriend! i mean, at 19, you still enjoying your youth, studying having fun. this is ewwwww.

  47. # 47 fdsf Says:


  48. # 48 pouria Says:

    you know you boy friend not beautiful emma you very batter then hes by

  49. # 49 umm... Says:

    dude get ur lips off hers!!

  50. # 50 arun Says:

    he is tooooooooooooo much old.if she wise she will leave him.

  51. # 51 reeshabh Says:

    hey emma what’s der in your mind if you are really in love with him then it’s good might your couple’s compatibility is good but need to think that’s nt goona be ur future…..
    so whenever u think u r stuck up just think in what sequences u r getting into.

  52. # 52 Abs Says:

    i think its cute. she can date, love, hang out, with whoever she wants, and if she really likes this guy, good on her. personally i think they are cute together, but i have never thought otherwise. i hope they are still together, actually… :)

  53. # 53 Ustlover Says:

    What the hell
    a beautiful girl with an old ugly man.
    EMMA GET INTO YOUr SENSE. You can get a better guy like me but it dosent suits with him
    and moreover he might use you as you are not much old to understandat last I HAVE NO REASON FOR LIVING

  54. # 54 Emma's lover Says:

    MY heart Is broken BUt
    These lines are for You

    Hey Emma Let Me Tell You A Lemma
    That “Ust Love Emma Watson”
    This Is NOt a Comprehension
    Only A silly Boy’s determination

    I Will Not Tell My Full POEM Here
    One day Will come sooooooon>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  55. # 55 Emma's lover Says:

    MY heart Is broken BUt
    These lines are for You

    Hey Emma Let Me Tell You A Lemma
    That “Ust Love Emma Watson”
    This Is NOt a Comprehension
    Only A silly Boy’s determination

    I Will Not Tell My Full POEM Here
    One day Will come sooooooon>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  56. # 56 Sachin Says:

    emma watson has gone crazy…….
    she dont know to choose a boyfriend
    i thought that her boyfriend might be daniel radicliffe or rupert grint.
    they look good together..

  57. # 57 leeel Says:

    emma watson dont no how to choose her future husband. is she blind to marry a ugly person like him. she is very beautiful but she is not so intellignt to choose a husband.

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