Tabloid Tales – I Choose the Real Thing

June 26, 2009 By: michelle Category: Diva Flash News

When I’ve stopped posting every day I had a reason besides being too busy. I didn’t want to tell you about it until now after seeing this magazine covers collage.

Everyday I open my reader to search for news and I came across a tons of lies. I know this is how the gossip industry goes on but I’m just not that kind of woman to tell you lies. I’m here for the real facts.

My website name wasn’t randomly chosen, it had a purpose and after more than a year here with you, from all those “divas” I’ve wrote you about, Lindsay Lohan is the one who deserves most the Superficial Diva tag.

From now on I won’t write you the latest’s lies but I’ll try to keep up with the real facts.

Have a great week end!

Here are the lies that sell the magazines. I don’t feel the need to explain the photo below as I think it speaks for itself.

tabloid tales selling lies-500-344

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2 Responses to “ Tabloid Tales – I Choose the Real Thing ”

  1. # 1 kitty Says:

    How can you tell which is which? People love good stories, do they really care about the truth? Perhaps. But only if it’s more dramatic than the lies they’ve been feeding on for so long!

    Being ethical is a bi*ch!
    100% support from this girl! You rock Superficial Diva!

  2. # 2 Angelina Takes Shiloh and Zahara To a Kid Center | Superficial Diva Says:

    […] you would also like to see the twins and that better happen quickly before magazines start again selling covers with lies on […]

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