Cheryl Cole Love It or Hate It?

July 03, 2009 By: michelle Category: Love It or Hate It

Cheryl Cole the world best dressed woman of 2009 was spotted wearing some sort of curtain dress while heading to a surprise birthday party.

The outfit revealed A LOT of her body, but still it looks weird and so old fashion.

So what do you think about Cheryl’s outfit?

Cheryl Cole leaving her hotel

Cheryl Cole Love It or Hate It?

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One Response to “ Cheryl Cole Love It or Hate It? ”

  1. # 1 kirsty Says:

    no affence but i dont really like that dress , it just aint my style (:
    but think you are mintt , and u are dead prettty :P

    i am kirstie peacock ,
    age 15 live down durham
    i am in my last year at school !

    p.s , i love you <3 xxx

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