Jay Barrymore Asks Emma Watson To Marry Him?

July 26, 2009 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Ok, you should take a deep breath and please don’t faint! Oh don’t you cry either.

According to Star magazine, Jay Barrymore, yes that ugly old guy Emma Watson is dating has asked her to marry him because he’s afraid he will lose Emma the moment she will go to the Brown University.

What do you think about this? Is it true? I mean I do not see Emma marrying this guy or any other guy. She’s too smart to get married so young. (via)

Emma Watson and Jay Barrymore shopping

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22 Responses to “ Jay Barrymore Asks Emma Watson To Marry Him? ”

  1. # 1 Online Tv Says:

    Please tell me its not tru… Did they F..k?

  2. # 2 Jam Says:

    Wow, I hope she doesn´t marry right away, but most likely this isn´t true.

    And she´s 19, hes 27, i´m sure something´s happened already

  3. # 3 Jack jones Says:

    Why the hell would emma watson, a beautiful young actress want to marry some old piece of shit like jay barrymore. Come on your smarter than that.

  4. # 4 Anthony Mc kendry Says:

    are you crazy do not marry him your to young and hes well older than you you have to get your head to think more about what could happen your to good looking to marry him and your the most good looking bird i have ever saw i think you should still live a young life still please email me emma watson my email is anthonymckendry97@yahoo.co.uk please give her this email please

    please email me

    anthony mc kendry

  5. # 5 jmalk Says:

    That man is a lyer. He’s just attracted by the money $$$. I hope she’ll dump him. She deserves a lot more !

  6. # 6 jmalk Says:

    by the way that girl is very smart !

  7. # 7 Lefteris Says:

    You are right jmalk … he looks like her uncle by the way ..

  8. # 8 Therecruit Says:

    I don’t think this is true. Emma is too smart to marry a dumb fuck like him! He’s in it for the money and the s*x! Come on emma! You’re too good for him! Please dump him!!!
    Oh, and I agree with jmalk, she got 8 A*’s and 2 A’s in her gcse’s! Unfortunately she’s going to brown university. I wish she was going to Cambridge uni.
    Anyway, I HOPE SHE DUMPS HIM LIKE HE’S NEVER BEEN DUMPED BEFORE!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha haaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  9. # 9 Bela Says:

    I think they are realy sweet and when they ar in love it is good for emma cause she need a normal men who brings she down on earth and thats good for her! I´m happy for her when they are happy together! BUt yes it is a bit to soon if they would merry but in maybe 7 years it is okay I think! Good Luck Emma!

  10. # 10 Legit Says:

    Shes said no to this bastard. Serouisly he looks like some gay whore and hes only into her for her money and fame. Serouisly 27!!? Theres your proof right there

  11. # 11 AB Says:

    I think it’s cuyte. He looks like a very sweet man and if she dumps him, I’ll be standing in line!

  12. # 12 ADITYA SEN Says:


  13. # 13 sahil Says:

    Emma look…..you are young and indecisive….! Age and ugliness doesn’t matter…but the question you should ask yourself is: Is this the guy I always wanted ?
    Honestly, if you looking for true love……carry on with it..there are plenty of guys..and one guy would win ur heart…!
    Wish you goodluck with career…!!
    If I ever be famous I would love to hang out..lol with you…!!or your could say Date hang out..lols…! :)))

  14. # 14 chips Says:

    yeah he did ask her to marry him but she rejected him thats what i heard lol XD but it wuld be fucking gross tho!!!!!!!!

  15. # 15 EMMANUELLE P.SANTOS Says:


  16. # 16 EMMANUELLE P.SANTOS Says:


  17. # 17 EMMANUELLE P.SANTOS Says:


  18. # 18 EMMANUELLE P.SANTOS Says:

    i like u EMMA WATSON

  19. # 19 EMMANUELLE P.SANTOS Says:

    what a waste !

  20. # 20 Emma Says:

    Why do you all care?We love eachother and we are going to marry soon………..
    anyway’s thank you all for your suggestions

  21. # 21 Emma's lover Says:

    If You were really Emma Thenmy Answer Is
    “wE cARE bECAUSE wE lOVE yOU or i sURELY lOVE YOU”

  22. # 22 Emma's lover Says:

    MY heart Is broken BUt
    These lines are for You

    Hey Emma Let Me Tell You A Lemma
    That “Ust Love Emma Watson”
    This Is NOt a Comprehension
    Only A silly Boy’s determination

    I Will Not Tell My Full POEM Here
    One day Will come sooooooon>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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