Tyra Banks The Diet Itself!

July 26, 2009 By: michelle Category: Supermodel Diva

Tyra Banks seems to have a great influence on people around her. And not only influence but power to make them do what she wants!

According to Fox411, Tyra who’s on a diet is not allowing people around her to eat junk food or fattening food. If she can’t have it why would they isn’t it? But hey this seems to work as Tyra was already looking slimmer last month at BET Awards.

She has become so strict with her diet that she can’t even stand for junk food or fattening food to be around her. So she’s basically telling anyone she eats with what they can and can’t order. Most people think she’s joking at first, but then they realize she actually expects them to follow her eating rules too. She tells them: ‘If I’m not eating it, you’re not eating it!

Tyra Banks 2009 BET Awards

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