DKNY Chops Off Hilary Duff Legs To Make Her Look Thinner

July 29, 2009 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

I don’t usually write about Hilary Duff especially because I don’t think she is an interesting person. But this time I couldn’t help myself not notice the difference between the real Hilary Duff and the slimmed down version of herself on ads for DKNY jeans.

This kind of altered reality troubles me a lot, as I do have some extra meat on my bones. And as every woman I do love to shop and I do love clothes, but seeing how they alter reality definitely makes me wonder if I should love my body the way it is or should I “photoshop” myself to become thin?

I definitely wouldn’t buy jeans from DKNY because with this ad they will trouble some more girls then just one (that being me). I’m sure there are a lot of girls out there with weight issues that can’t handle such reality.

I would really want to know DKNY answer to this question: Why did you felt the need to chop of the meat on Hilary’s legs and make her look thinner? Couldn’t you just pay another person, a thinner one to model for you?

Hilary Duff slimmed DKNY jeans ad

Hilary Duff DKNY jeans ad

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5 Responses to “ DKNY Chops Off Hilary Duff Legs To Make Her Look Thinner ”

  1. # 1 amine Says:

    You have to know that the picture has been taken months ago !!!

  2. # 2 Brianne Says:

    Thats just hollywood for ya, she’s a recognizable face…but hasn’t had alot of work as of late, so she’s probably more affordable than many working actresses, and photoshop is cheap and easy. None of these ads ever feature the actress or model exaclty as she looks in nature, that just doesn’t sell.

  3. # 3 adelle Says:

    i think it is an insult on hilary, if people see what they have done in these pictures it is not goin 2 make them want to wear them, if a celebrity (who has their own fitness trainers) cant pull off the clothes then others are not gonna feel great about waering them.

  4. # 4 anna Says:

    did she get those chiclet teeth fixed?

  5. # 5 michael boyle Says:

    Hi, IM Michael Boyle male secretary and yes, like all; male secretaries i like fashions and males. I definitely try to look like Hilary and hope im succeeding.

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