Cheryl Cole Does UK Elle November 2009 Magazine Cover

October 07, 2009 By: michelle Category: Magazine Cover

Cheryl Cole, we’ve heard her name more than often this year as she is the best dressed woman and also a judge on the X Factor show. But in fact she becomes known for being a part of the Girls Aloud pop group.

You can see Cheryl on the cover of Elle UK the November 2009 issue as she is promoting her new solo album entitled 3 Words. The album will be available at the end of October.

Cheryl Cole the UK Elle November 2009 magazine cover

[Cheryl Cole the UK Elle November 2009 magazine subscribers cover

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2 Responses to “ Cheryl Cole Does UK Elle November 2009 Magazine Cover ”

  1. # 1 linda penner Says:

    I will continue to sing the praises of the quality of the uk/british elle covers over the usa anyday. I still believe it is the cover that makes or breaks its selling also. I reside in usa so i think it okay for me to say that 1. I am sick to death of Cheryl Cole, 2. Jordan ( Katie Price), 3. Lindsay Lohan, 4. Miley Cyrus & 5. Beyonce and Rhinna being all over the covers of all types of magazines and articles. I am also embarrassed about the so called reality show ” Jon & Kate plus 8″ b–s–t, there has to be better and more worthy celebs and models than the few of the ones i have mentioned. Megan Fox will never be Angelina Jolie not outwardly and not as a human being. She is beautiful and has multiple tattoos that is about it for them two. Also please no more of Nicole Richie and I am sorry for this one but Victoria Beckham she is wayyyyyyy toooooooooo overrated.
    And if this is not enough, if Filippa Hamilton really did get ” fired or let go” from her contract with Ralph Lauren for being ” too large” & (that now famous photo of her with her head on someone else’s skinny ass body) I for one will stop buying anything Ralph Lauren. If Filippa is too large then I hate to say this but the rest of us here in the usa and all over the world have a serious & questionable standard to live up to or try to attain”…For me personally though i could stand to lose weight and I am no way near model material, I would not want to look or have a body like Kate Moss or any of the other ” stringy/pale” looking models that us readers are supposed to ” look out for the new faces”…I would name a few here but I think i may already have said enough. This is my opinion.

  2. # 2 elle uk covers « Says:

    […] model: Cherly Cole, source: superficialdiva […]

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