Paris Hilton Looking Fat at Triton Fashion Show

January 31, 2011 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Below you can see two photos with Paris Hilton. One is from her landing on Sao Paulo on January 27 and the second one is from Triton fashion show on January 28.

Is it me or something is wrong with these photos? If we judge by the second one we could say Paris Hilton has gained at least 10 pounds in a day. Weird isn’t it?

paris hilton looking fat

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2 Responses to “ Paris Hilton Looking Fat at Triton Fashion Show ”

  1. # 1 Jo Timms Says:

    I think you should be ashamed calling Paris FAT on this picture, she looks amazin!!!!

  2. # 2 Leo Says:

    She is not fat…she is just chubby

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