Taylor Momsen Style Revolution

April 05, 2011 By: michelle Category: Fashion For Divas, Skinny Diva, Superficial Diva

Couple of years ago Taylor Momsen was a cute little girl. She started acting in Gossip Girl, then singing with The Reckless (her band) and her appearance changed as she has grown up.

I still don’t understand why is she trying so bad to look like Courtney and why can’t she find a look proper for her age (she’s 18).

So below you can see Tylor look through the years. Back in 2008 she was still a young innocent girl. In the 2009‘s Cosmo cover I don’t even recognize her. It all started with 2010 and The Reckless band.

Taylor Momsen Style Evolution

Maybe someday she will understand that singing in her underwear won’t make her a good singer.

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  1. # 1 Shelly Says:

    You are SO superficial.

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