Amy Winehouse Died Alone In Bed

July 25, 2011 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

The latest news about Amy Winehouse death is saying she died in her bed and her bodyguard found her. Even if there are reports saying police didn’t find any drugs or alcohol in the house there are voices saying Amy drink to death as she was suffering after her breakup with her boyfriend Reg Traviss.

The one true thing in here may be that she met her mother Janis one day before her death and told her she loved her.

Amy Winehouse with her mother Janis at Grammy Awards 2008

I suppose the abuse of drugs and alcohol killed her in the end, even if she was trying so hard to get back on track. I’ve always wanted her to write another album or just one song as I’ve listened to her songs millions of times and wanted more.

Rest in peace Amy!

Amy Winehouse live on stage

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