Selena Gomez Cosmopolitan March 2012 Magazine Cover

February 01, 2012 By: michelle Category: Cosmopolitan, Magazine Cover

Selena Gomez is so cute on Cosmopolitan March 2012 magazine cover.

Selena Gomez Cosmopolitan March 2012 magazine cover

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4 Responses to “ Selena Gomez Cosmopolitan March 2012 Magazine Cover ”

  1. # 1 dacoda Says:

    she is so hot in that picture or actually any picture

  2. # 2 Madame X Says:

    I am extremely surprised when I see this. I mean, Selena Gomez used to smile and act pretty and innocent earlier, but now she’s so different! I miss the old Selena, and I’ve not realized this until today. I am so disappointed. She is no longer innocent. I’m supposing it’s Justin who has changed her. Anyway, I won’t just spread rumors, so if it’s Justin, so let it be. I just want Selena to be the real, true, nice Selena Gomez, not the sexy, unreal actress.
    Just let it be the way it was!!!

  3. # 3 Me Says:

    why are girls so sexist

  4. # 4 selena rocks Says:

    I think selena gomez whas oke first but now wow i am realy suprised. Selena gomez shows her power and the other disney star dont doe that. And if you want to know selena gomez is realy powerful. But when i siad the other disney stars dont i mean some of them. Selena gomez is just like Vanessa hudgans when she broke up with zack evron she did not think from ooh my live is over, no she stud up and said i have to go on with my life and that kind of girls i like.

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